About Me

Hi! Howareya? :)

Thanks for stopping by my page.

I'm Lee, a reader, writer, and biology lover specializing in molecular thingamajigs (DNA 'n stuff.)

I wish coffee could be delivered intravenously.

I'm pretty much nocturnal, which is why I need all that coffee during Diurnal/Normal People Times.

I try and counteract the Nerd Effect (a common ailment among lab dwellers like myself) by wearing leopard-print heels and having conversations with non-science people. Both can be perilous.

I have two Rhodesian Ridgebacks. They alternate sleep patterns, thankfully. Otherwise I'd have no shoes or Oreos left. Every day is a new carnage opportunity.

But honestly I'd rather talk about you. Or writing. Or how to cure dogs of inherent badness.

Or reading, or why you despair at the thought of Steve Nash playing for the Lakers.

All those are things I'd gladly discuss.

If you'd like to chat, feel free to drop me an email at leerichardson(at)live(dot)com (replace the parentheticals with the real stuff).