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In terms of criminal records, seventeen-year-old Marissa Davis’ rap sheet is just embarrassing. Sure, breaking into an abandoned building wasn’t the smartest extracurricular activity, but it’s not like she jacked anything. Worst case scenario, Rissa figured a flashy orange vest and a trashy roadside were in her future. No big.

Wrong. The community service she ends up with is straight-up torture, because now she’s stuck reading ancient books to a grumpy old cuss at the local nursing home. For four whole months. He's a pain in the ass, but whatever. It’s not like she has to like the guy. And with the way things are going at home and school—badly, in true Davis fashion—he’s really one of her smaller problems.

In fact, visiting the old man soon becomes an escape, and Rissa slowly realizes there could be more to life than just getting by, and definitely more to life than just getting passed by. But now his Alzheimer’s is getting worse, and suddenly the girl who’s always been content to go unnoticed is in a fight she never imagined--to be remembered.

THE FORGET-ME-NOT LETTERS is a 60,000-word contemporary young adult novel.

Status: Revising

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