Thursday, August 30, 2012

TGIF! + Things I don't say.

It's nearly Friday.

The first one of the fall semester. This means I have basically survived the first week of my job educating the youth of America. (Yeah, you can laugh. I do too. Insanely. Hysterically. Uproariously.) Friday is always appreciated, but especially on introductory weeks like this one. As always, the first week back mostly involves lots of safety talks and waiver signage, all so the university doesn't get sued in the event of catastrophe/extreme stupidity. Or catastrophes caused by extreme stupidity. Whatever.

My labs are all off to great, running, jumping, enthusastic starts. My students are always eager to learn and love to ask lots of great questions. Unfortunately, I'm not going to mention any of those here. Instead, here are a few of the gems I've gotten thus far:

Student: Waves syllabus in air, right after I hand it to him. 'Do we really need this?'
Me: No. We kill rainforests for fun, and in your magnificent honor.

Student: Picks up box clearly labeled 'Delicate Task Wipes.' Squints at box. Turns box over in hands, examining all sides. Asks, 'What's this for?'
Me: It's a stable for teacup unicorns.

Student: 'So do we, like, have to cut stuff up in here?'
Me: 'It's biology lab.'
Student: 'Like, what do we dissect?'
Me: Students who ask stupid questions.

Student looking at preserved bucket of crayfish: 'Can we eat those, after we're done with them?'
Me: Please do. Wash it all down with a cup of the formalin that it's preserved in while you're at it.

Student: *During the middle of lab* 'Why won't my texts send?'
Me: -_-

Student: *Looking at a one-dimension, side-view illustration of an octopus.* 'Do they really only have one eye?'
Me: I quit.

As you can see, folks, it's looking to be another greatly educational year.

Monday, August 27, 2012

If you need a laugh for your day...

...go to Nathan Bransford's blog.

There's tons of fantastic information there, but this post is hilarious and oh so true.

Have a great one!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

the random picture post:

Some random mariposa. (I'm a failed entomologist.)
Some random blue curls, Phacelia congesta.
A random axis deer stag, Axis axis. They're also called chital, and an example of an introduced species (native to India and surrounding areas) that was brought to Texas in the 1930s. Now there are self-sustaining herds all over the place, but especially in the hill country (central/south central Texas). My family goes to the hill country area around Kerrville every year, and sometimes you actually have to stop driving and wait for the axis herd to cross the highway--there's that many of them.

Right. So there's some randomness for your weekend. Have a great one, all!

Currently listening to: Home--Phillip Phillips. And snoring Ridgebacks.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Recipe for a bad blogger:

Uh, hi.

*twiddles thumbs awkwardly*

So. It's been a while. Apparently I'm sort of like a holiday blogger or something, and that, good people, was never my intent. Life has come between me and my blog, stealing any spare words I once had and directing them elsewhere. My blog has abandonment issues now I'm sure. (Though I log in every day and creep stalk read everyone else's fantastic posts. Love soaking up the wisdom out in the bloggosphere.)

It's just that I haven't had the words to blog. They've all been thrown at my novel writing (in the midst of a redraft on one project, a rewrite on two others..oye), my emailing of the strange people who make livings doing wedding stuff (talk about gluttons for punishment), and writing cover letters (which is basically like querying yourself...and so when you fail it's not like it's your book that's crappy--it's really you. Can we say fun?)

But, those are really all excuses. I'll make time to nurture this blog now, dammit. Really. I might even stumble upon something humorous or *gasp* informative to say (hey, a girl can dream.) Until then, here's what's changed:

I went to the dark side and joined twitter. Stage name: @leeonagomez . (Yes, that's me, and yes, that's a set of shark jaws behind me. No, I do not have any makeup on, nor am I wearing photo-acceptable clothing, but I was at the beach on vacation, 'kay?)

Entered some query contests. Did pretty well. Now panicking..erm...I mean trying to make the actual manuscript have as much of a splash. On that note, stop by Taryn Albright's fantastic blog (here) and say hello to my MC, 'Rissa :). Maybe one day I'll lay my soul on the line and get her out into the world. (And if you'd like to go post a comment on how to improve the query, what you liked or disliked about it, I'll love you forever. Srsly.)

My dogs are bad--wait, nothing there is new.

I have fifteen pounds of purple M&M's being delivered to my house in three days. That they're supposed to be used for wedding favors should keep me from utilizing them as a stress-coping mechanism, but I make no promises.

180 adorable, hexagonal, 1.5 ounce jars are also en route a mi casa, to be filled with the above mentioned candy. Here's to hoping there's actually a filler left.

Downloaded Gimp software. Have absolutely no idea how to use it, especially because the user manual won't open on my computer.

I started playing music again, specifically with my flute and violin. The latter sounds so terrible that my fiance ran home for the weekend when he saw me pull the case out. Even the dogs have stopped howling. Now they just glare.

My guitar is out of tune...oops, that's not a new development either. What is bad, however, is that I've convinced myself it doesn't sound that bad. Como se dice denial en espanol?

I've been working on my Spanish and my Czech. The former is much easier than the latter, though I can insult you quite fluently in either. And say belly button in Czech (pupĂ­k!). I'm not sure how that word will ever come up in conversation, but it seems to be the only one I remember on a daily basis. Oh, how proud my Mimi must be.

Ehem. Well. I daresay that's quite more than enough from me. So how're y'all doing? Well? I hope so. :)

What I'm listening to: So Blue--The Trishas