Saturday, August 18, 2012

the random picture post:

Some random mariposa. (I'm a failed entomologist.)
Some random blue curls, Phacelia congesta.
A random axis deer stag, Axis axis. They're also called chital, and an example of an introduced species (native to India and surrounding areas) that was brought to Texas in the 1930s. Now there are self-sustaining herds all over the place, but especially in the hill country (central/south central Texas). My family goes to the hill country area around Kerrville every year, and sometimes you actually have to stop driving and wait for the axis herd to cross the highway--there's that many of them.

Right. So there's some randomness for your weekend. Have a great one, all!

Currently listening to: Home--Phillip Phillips. And snoring Ridgebacks.

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  1. What great pictures! Thanks so much for sharing :D