Friday, January 6, 2012

Why I lack productivity.

 I have a good reason--I swear.
(Double swears!)


Get something done with these guys yipping and squirming around?


Puppy Jumble. :)

Since this photo, all their little noses have turned black.
In Rhodesian Ridgebacks, liver/brown noses are resultant of
a homozygous recessive pigment gene. The sire of this litter has a
brown nose, meaning he is homozygous recessive for that particular gene.
The dam has a black nose--meaning she could either* be homozygous
 dominant or a heterozygote (one 'brown copy' of the gene and one 'black copy').
However, given that all the puppies wound up having black noses, it's highly
likely that the dam is homozygous dominant (and therefore the puppies are heterozygotes).

She may seem content, but in reality she was growling at me the whole
time I was snapping these photos. Basically, the ideal momma dog.

Alas, even playing the puppy card has its limits. So now I'm back to work in this area.
(Is it any wonder I don't get much done?)

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!


*given that I don't remember what her parents were--otherwise the alleles would have been pretty easy to figure out, once you do all the probability stuff.

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  1. How adorable!!! Love me some puppies!
    Nice to meet you, BTW. :)